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Naperville’s own, Josh Killacky, returns home to come support #Dance♂n and its mission to provide scholarships and financial assistance for boys dance! With over half a million social media followers, Josh has redefined the term “multi-talented”: renowned hip hop dancer and choreographer, actor, director, social media superstar, product spokesman and anti-bullying voice. Josh’s work with David Moore, Matt Steffanina, Twitch. Wildabeast, NappyTabs, Janelle Ginestra, in addition to his appearances on Ellen, MTV, Dancing with the Stars, X factor and Good Morning America, underlines his place in the dance community. On 12/22, Josh is coming to Midwest Edge as part of the #Dance♂n Master Class Series and leading a Hip Hop tutorial for Advanced/Intermediate level dancers to hone their skills with one of The Best in the Business. ALL proceeds from the event will go to the #DanceOn scholarship fund. Our own Hip Hop instructor, Chris Xayarath will be opening the proceedings with a class from 12:30PM - 1:45PM, followed by Josh Killacky’s epic tutorial from 2:00PM - 3:15PM. One class is $15 and both classes are $25. Free #DanceOn T shirts for the first 20 signups.

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    The day my wife and I dreaded but knew would come, happened. This story, I think, ends well, my friends, which is a good thing. So stay with me. At a local place of learning, during their year end celebration, my son's dance team performed one of their award-winning routines to the assembly as part of the festivities. Somewhat surprisingly, the group was greeted with some elementary school mockery and ridicule by a select group of students. And then it happened. A mix of girls and boys from the audience elected to sling a homophobic slur at the three boys in the dance group. My son was one of them. We are not naive: male dancers can be like unicorns in their community just because of the gender disparity in that field. It opens them up for potential negative feedback since their pursuit doesn’t have a helmet or a bat.

  • My guess is that this is an unfortunate common occurrence to many of the male dancers out there. My guess is that they just dance on. We just figured it would occur in High School where the Petri dish of Neanderthal behavior can be more prominent. Have to say, I did not expect it in the elementary school level. Needless to say, the seven dancers I picked up from the event (including two of the boys) were crushed. A life lesson was being taught in real time in the back of the family Honda Pilot. We took the moment seriously and just will hope to keep our son (and the other dancers!) focused on the good and see the positives of his and their commitment to dance. And to dance on. And here is the good: The studio and teachers where these kids dance was awesome in its support. They were on this like a missile: talking with the team and addressing it with the school. The instructors took time to address the dancers during classes and spoke on staying strong and not letting the experience keep them from their passion.

  • Specifically for the boys, the support has been genuine and heartfelt: dance teammates, friends, family. We were lamenting that even the hint or shadow of doubt might have seeped into my son’s (or the other children’s) brain: that they are doing something silly or worthy of ridicule. Our belief is this (with all the support they have above) will only make them more resilient. I know that he will dance on. I even made my usual dance themed t shirt to show my son and the other dancers a bit of support. The reaction I got from it by my FB family was overwhelming and the requests for the shirt was unexpected! So..... Mary and I have decided to take this positive spin on what was an unfortunate reality check and create an opportunity that will help fund the basic fees for a boy to attend this supportive studio, a child who hopefully is looking to take the 'not so traveled' extracurricular road and be one more light in helping socialize the message that dance is for everyone, no matter the gender.

  • So hopefully we can try this! For a donation of $25, I'll include the #DanceOn T shirt (and absorb the delivery charge) and we will make sure that part of the money will go to this 'scholarship' that will help attract more boys into the wornderful world that is dance. Just include your size(s), woman/man/child designation and an email address in the donation free-form section so I can get the #DanceOn apparel to you! You can Facebook PM me too if thats more comfortable. If you would like to forward this onto your social media family, we welcome the opportunity to broaden the message! Thank you in advance for your support! And please.....#DanceOn.