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Midwest Edge strives to provide your dancer with first rate instruction and a lasting love for dance. With a balance of a fun and also a serious approach, MWE is able to help your dancer discover their strengths and reach their personal potential.

In addition to teachers, classes and choreography, that is second to none, MWE instills in young dancers the meaning of dedication, hard work and responsibility.

Dancers build self-esteem and confidence that will serve them for a lifetime. Not only are our dancers taught technique and choreography, but they are educated on their body, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and fitness.

  • Our Core Classes Help


    Whether your dancers is a first time student or has been dancing for several years, our core class offerings are designed for casual or serious dancers and will help them continue to grow. From beginner to intermediate to advanced-levels, our class atmosphere is fun yet focused and each of our instructors take great pride in helping their students achieve their best level as the year progresses.

  • Become a part of


    For dancers that truly want to be challenged to be the best they can be AND love to perform, Midwest Edge offers students the chance to try out for our company dance troupes. These jazz and hip hop companies compete throughout the spring all over the Chicagoland area. It is a great opportunity to make great friends with others that share their level of passion for dance and perform together in front of a wide variety of audiences.

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