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 Become a Company Dancer at Midwest Edge

Welcome to Company

We love to compete and spend our January – May season doing our best and having fun! MWE Company participates in 1 -2 conventions and 5 -6 competitions per year.  We generally stay local for competitions, with Wisconsin being our furthest destination.  Not all groups attend ALL competitions and conventions.  Your dancer’s age and level will dictate the number and type of competitions and conventions that he or she will participate in.


Company is certainly a challenge, with high rewards. Your dancer must love coming to dance and has to be eager and motivated to take it more seriously. Company hours can range anywhere from 2.5 to 11+ hours weekly depending on your level.

What is the time commitment involved with Company?

Company dancers are required to take a curriculum of classes in either Jazz or Hip Hop company. They have specific hours of technique training as well as classes that focus solely on choreography. While the hours and requirements change depending on a few different elements from year to year, the structure of the MWE Company looks like this:

Mini (Pre-Company)

1 Jazz Class 1 Choreo Class

Jazz Company

2 Ballet Jazz Tech/Combo 2-3 Choreo Classes

Edge Hip Hop Company

1 Choreo Class 1 Tech Class

Supportive & Talented Family

Most of the teachers of Midwest Edge have been together since day one, in 2008! The camaraderie between the teachers allows for a fun, positive and supportive atmosphere. MWE teachers admire and respect each other and our dancers. Our staff members have many years of experience as teachers and choreographers. We create top-notch, winning pieces, with award-winning choreography!

Other Considerations

Aside from monthly tuition, please take into account the additional investments that Company dancers make in costumes and other apparel, conventions, competitions, travel and hotel expenses (optional). We are glad to help you with more clarity on what you can expect.